Being Featured by Mixed Chicks!

I recently took a big leap, and decided to get my hair highlighted. I’ll be sure to update with photos soon.
So far, I’m very satisfied, and they look great regardless of the style. I plan on wearing it natural and curly for my school’s picture day 🙂

Speaking of curls, a little while back, Your Hair Stories contacted me to say they were interested in interviewing me for their blog which was created in association with Mixed Chicks. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity, and followed up by answering a few questions and submitting a few photos.

You can read about the interview here

Mixed Chicks also featured a video of me on their Instagram!

Being showcased by a brand I hold so much admiration for is truly an honor, and I couldn’t be happier!
I love Mixed Chicks hair products, and being apart of what they stand for is amazing!

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Why I’m Looking Forward to School

Despite having dread the thought of returning to school for many weeks now, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. In fact, I’m now actually looking forward to school. Not because I’ve dreamt of making a name for myself, or seeking out new friends, but because I have future goals I wish to carry out. 
Without further ado, here are my reasons for brushing off the apprehension that comes with the start of the school year.


The Sooner I Start, The Sooner I FInish

Though I wouldn’t mind staying a kid for a little while longer, I recognize that the sooner school starts, the sooner it will be over. That in turn means not having to deal with distasteful people and the drama that comes with them. And of course, I’ll be able to jump into college courses that suit my academic level of achievement.

Making a Difference

Making a true difference in the community is something I’ve always made out to be a goal. Fortunately, I am finally able to accomplish this, as I have enrolled in a teen community service group which is active during the length of the school year 🙂


Fall is my favorite season for fashion (and food)! Who can resist over-sized tunic sweaters and riding boots?


Though it seems controversial to look forward to testing, I can’t wait to see how much my hard work and studying has really paid off!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming school year? Have you started yet? 
Let me know what you think!


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Things I Wish I Could Profit From

If I could choose to make a living off of anything in this world, I surely wouldn’t pick a typical 9-5 job. 
Lately, I’ve been thinking (when don’t I?) about making a career out of something I’d never get tired of.
While it’s likely these will never become legit jobs, a girl can always dream 🙂

Professional Shopper

Getting paid to shop? Now that’s something to be excited about. Unlike a personal shopper, or a mystery shopper, a professional shopper would get paid to shop for themselves. From thrift stores, to online, to retail, the possibilities in this field are endless.

Belly Rub Specialist

Imagine being paid full-time to pet dogs and cats. Unlike typical pet-sitting, walking and grooming Fido isn’t necessary. Your only job would be to keep him entertained and happy.


While some jobs like being a flight attendant or teaching English as a second language require you to travel, working as a straight up traveler is something you might only dream about. Imagine flying out across the country, being paid to stay at different hotels, and rank different cities.


Sure public speaking jobs are available at conferences and assemblies, but these opportunities are not guaranteed. As someone who knows how to talk quite a lot, I’d like a job where I can talk just for the sake of talking whether it is on a podcast or live feed. Sure, YouTube might be seen as an option, but it requires growing a very large audience. 

So these are just a few things that have come to mind in my search to find a profession suiting my interests. While it’s unlikely that I’ll have the chance to pursue these in my lifetime, it’s something fun to think about.

What dream job would you like to have?

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My Strange Addiction

I’ll admit it. I have an obsession.
It’s currently 11:48 PM, and I’ve been saying I was going to bed early for over an hour now, when in fact I’ve been scoping out the forums of College Confidential instead.
And so I finally had an instant idea of what I would write about.
I’m addicted to planning.




It’s not something I do on purpose, I just do it. As much as it eventually stresses me out, it also eases my nerves at the same time.
These mixed emotions are no doubt, the result of my sometimes bad anxiety.

My need to plan often takes over as I map out what I hope will be a very successful future, but I fear that it may potentially become a stressful habit instead. Fortunately, I am able to recognize it, which means that I can hopefully break this cycle, and focus on the here and now, rather than the many years ahead.

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Building A Lasting Friendship

When it comes to making friends, I’ve experienced a little bit of what one might call… trial and error.
High school is a time where you may find yourself questioning who you consider to be a friend. For some, getting involved in drama or being associated with fake people can potentially cause complications distracting you from developing important relationships and staying on top of your academics.

Fortunately for me, I’ve learned to wade off these unnecessary distractions and instead have learned to channel my energy into things that matter, like school, dance, and relationships with my close friends.
Chances are, you aren’t going to have twenty best friends, you might not have more than one, but as a strong believer in quality over quantity, I can guarantee that putting a number to the amount of close friends you have won’t change anything between you. Some people undervalue the power of friendship, and so relations often dwindle. Any relationship is like a two-sided conversation; it takes effort on both parts.

For me, building a lasting relationship comes naturally. There’s no secret for acquiring a life-long friend, it’s all in how you play your cards, or rather how the cards turn over to be. 

So while there aren’t any life-changing secrets, by being a respectful person who genuinely cares for your friend and shows interest in them, chances are, you’ll develop a lasting relationship with little effort.
Just keep in mind, that loyalty is key.

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New Faces in Modelling

Anyone who’s seen a runway show, print ad, or practically anything on television, can recognize the lack of diversity in talent. This separation is especially prominent in the modelling industry.

Lorde Inc. challenges that. Nafisa Kaptownwala of Canada decided to establish a modelling agency supporting diversity, after seeing a step-team performance at a Rick Owens showcase. The team mainly consisted of “people of color”, which Kaptownwala felt subjected them to being used as props. 

As an entrepreneur, Nafisa founded Lorde Inc. to represent people of color much like herself


Despite this success, Kaptownwala holds many concerns, one of which is “feeling like we’re just going to be a trend, like [diversity] is a conversation that people want to have right now, [but] where will they be in five years?”

She wishes to persuade designers to ‘warm up’ to the idea of working with diverse clients.

To learn more about Lorde Inc., be sure to check out their website 🙂

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Miss Teen USA on Racism

This past weekend’s airing of the Miss Teen USA pageant has been the subject of massive backlash. Not only due to an obvious lack of diversity in the selected contestants, but also following the discovery of countless racist tweets with usage of the derogatory and controversial n-word(more…)

Hospital Gowns Designed Especially For Teens? That’s Right.

Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada recently launched a Ward + Robes program, enlisting designer, Izzy Camilleri, and tattoo artist, India Amara. 

The goal is to make hospitalized teenagers feel less like patients and more like individuals. The program allows each teen to pick out a gown to their liking. This approach is in reaction to these teenagers feeling bored and dehumanized.

“When you can’t wear what you want, you feel like you’re not who you should be, or you’re just your illness or you’re just … a hospital patient,” one girl said in a video highlighting the new gowns. 

Each of the gowns includes a tag with the message,”You’re unique. Why should your gown be any different?”

The company encourages donating to the campaign and has opened up design submissions to anyone who wishes to contribute.

“I was amazed to watch the teens walk in in their standard issue gowns and get super excited that they could go to this rack of robes and pick something that felt more like them,” Starlight’s SVP, Trevor Dicaire, reported to Upworthy.

The video documenting these kids’ feelings on selectively styled hospital gowns, are further proof of clothing being a means of expression.

Sourced Info From: Huffington Post

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Favorites 7•20•16

So recently I got the idea to do a weekly or bi-weekly posting of my ever-so-changing favorites.
I plan to add on more topics as I come up with ideas 🙂

Song: 3 Strikes by Terror Jr.
This song isn’t some revelation in the world of music, but it’s catchy and constantly stuck in my head.

Show: Bloodline
Bloodline is a two season Netflix series I recently finished. Though the first season starts off slowly, the plot eventually picks up.

Novel: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
This is a book I can recall my older brother reading while in high school. I just finished after taking the time out to read it myself, and my only complaint is that it ended.

Staple Piece: Denim Skirt
I recently picked up a cheap, pink denim skirt for just under ten dollars. It’s super cute and versatile, and will remain a favorite of mine.

Scent: Champagne Sparkle
My Nana gave me a B&BW poketbac a while back that’s lasted me a few months. I think it smells great, and everyone else seems to think so too 🙂

I thought this was a pretty cute idea that I hope to expand upon.
Be sure to let me know what you think! 🙂

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Hair Products I’ve Fallen In Love With

Hair can be a bit of a struggle no matter what type you might have. Whether you love it, or whether you don’t, learning to work with what you have is a necessary key in keeping your hair happy and healthy. For me, learning to love my curls was a bit of a struggle. As a little girl, I hated the tugging and brushing my mother did to keep my hair tangle free. I’d sit for what felt like hours (but actually wasn’t) after having my hair washed, or having my mom braid it for me. Though I insisted upon wanting it straight, my mother wouldn’t give in to chemically treating my hair, even if it meant she had to do some learning of her own to keep my mane replenished. 

Now that I’ve been managing my own hair for a few years, I’ve recognized the wrongs and rights, the should’s and the should not’s, and everything else I needed to know to keep my curls right. Through the years, I’ve also gone through a salon’s worth of products, and now know what will and what won’t get along with my hair. For those of you unsure of what to do to tame your hair, I’ve put together a hierarchy of products I swear by 🙂

ORS Curls Unleashed: Curl Boosting Jelly

This by far is my absolute favorite product. It’s worked wonders on my hair to make my curls still and defined.

Beautiful Textures: Curl Control

This is another top favorite of my mine. Though unalike in look and texture to the Curl Boosting Jelly, they essentially do the same thing. 
I find that it’s often necessary to use this product in excess for best results, though be wary of it potentially drying out your hair.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturing Sea Salt Spray

This gets rave reviews from people possessing a variety of hair textures. I use is it personally as a great detangler, plus it smells good too 😉

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Moisturizing Conditioner

Though this conditioner isn’t intended as a leave in, I use it as a moisturizer post-washing.

ORS Curls Unleashed: Curl Defining Creme

This is another moisturizing product that I use in part with the Curl Boosting Jelly.

Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner

I started hearing about the Mixed Chicks brand on social media. Needless to say, I love this product.

ORS Curls Unleashed: Leave-In Conditioning Creme

I use this both as a leave-in conditioner and a daily moisturizer.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream

This product is essentially great for all hair types. 
I use it to moisturize my curls, plus it smells good haha.

Curls: Goddess Curls

I no longer use this on a regular basis, but it is an alternative for when I don’t have any of my other defining products. It gets the job done.

Aussie 2 in 1 Shampoo & Aussie Three Minute Miracal Moist

These are two separate products that I use together. Typically when washing, I finish my shampoo cycling before moving on to the timed treatment.

Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste

This is a good product for slicking back your hair when styling. Works for braiding, buns, and ponytails.
My brother even uses it on his hair to style his short curls.

Mixed Chicks: Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

This shampoo is intended to gently cleanse hair, as well as keep it moisturized.
It adds volume, shine, and holds curls. 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading through some of these products.
Don’t be afraid to share with me, your experiences in using other products!

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